Kirk Grundahl,
PE, Executive Director of SBCA

How to Read Truss Documentation

Wednesday, March 6 from 8:40–9:40 am

Truss design drawings (TDDs) and truss placement diagrams (TPDs) are an important part of the documentation used in the metal-plate-connected wood truss industry. Truss manufacturers use these documents to communicate important safety, installation, restraint and bracing, and design information to owners, building designers, contractors, framers, and building officials. Understanding the information in these documents is crucial for a properly installed truss system. This presentation reviews truss industry–specific terminology and information included in TDDs, TPDs, and truss repair drawings to provide a practical working knowledge of trusses and how to best specify, install, and inspect them.

Structural Self-Tapping Fasteners for Wood Construction

Thursday, March 7 from 10:30–11:30 am

Connections are a critical part of a building’s design, and the type of fastener used for the connections can have a significant impact on the cost of constructing a building. The number of structural self-tapping fasteners available in the market is increasing. These fasteners have many advantages over traditional nails, lag screws, and through-bolts. Understanding these fasteners and their uses can make the construction of a building more efficient. This presentation will cover the advantages of using these fasteners, their design properties, where to find design information, and how to specify the fasteners.

About Kirk Grundahl

Kirk Grundahl began his business career in 1978 and is a registered professional engineer in 47 states. He holds an MBA from the University of Wisconsin–Madison. His two small business operations, Qualtim, Inc. and DrJ Engineering, LLC, had their genesis in his engineering and business education and subsequent work experience.

Qualtim has been the management company serving SBCA staff since 1992. Qualtim also manages staff of the National Framers Council, SBC Research Institute, TPI Third Party Inspection Program, Truss Plate Council Cold Formed Steel Council, SBC Magazine and Building Component Manufacturer’s Conference. These organizations operate from the foundation that sound knowledge of mechanics of materials, engineering, and business management leads to more effective testing, product innovation, market development, and sealed engineering support services for the structural framing industry.