Renee M. Covell,

Prospecting for Success

Wednesday, March 6 from 9:50–10:50 am

When should salespeople and business owners “prospect” (if they don’t yet have their own sales team)? If you answered “always,” then you’d be correct! Learn about the four main prospecting techniques and when to apply them. This session is designed for all levels of professionals—from the entrepreneur in a growth cycle to the seasoned sales professional who wants to brush up on prospecting techniques. Help get the sales flywheel started toward sales success!

Creating Realistic Sales Plans for Success: A Hands-On Workshop

Thursday, March 7 from 7-8 am

Are you a small-business owner, an entrepreneur, or a sales representative just getting started in your career? Are you a sales professional who never had to write a sales plan before or would like to sharpen your skills? Or perhaps a sales manager in need of a template to guide and keep your sales team on track? Then this hands-on workshop is for you! In this participatory workshop, you’ll receive a template for developing a formal sales plan and step-by-step instructions on how to customize it. You are guaranteed to leave with a roadmap for sales success!

About Renee Covell

Dr. Renee Covell is the founder of AAC Business Consulting, a sales force evaluation, training, and development company. She is a certified partner of both TRACOM, the founders of the Social Styles Model, and of Objective Management Group, the creators of the only validated sales force evaluation system. She is also a part-time Instructor of business for St. Bonaventure University’s MBA program and recently presented the results of two current research projects at the Academy of Business Research Conference in Florida.

Dr. Covell earned her bachelor’s degree in business management and her MBA and PhD in organization and management while working full time. When she’s not evaluating sales teams, teaching, or researching, she is spending time with her husband, Craig, and their family, or writing one of her children’s books, which she plans to publish soon.

Dr. Covell would like to thank the NFBA for inviting her to speak here today and to Everlast Roofing for sponsoring her travel and workshops here in KY.