Rob Haddock,
Director of the Metal Roof Advisory Group, Ltd

Use of Snow Retention Devices: Science or Science Fiction? Phacts or Phobias?

Wednesday, March 6 from 7:30–8:30 am

The forces of snow and ice on rooftops can be significant, causing damage to valleys, eaves, and gutters. Slippery roof surfaces can release a sudden load of snow that may harm people and property below. Many snow-retention devices are available, but not all are effective in all applications. This presentation will cover myths and misconceptions about how snow acts on a roof and what products and placements work in particular situations. The presenters have decades of experience in the field—their factual knowledge and commonsense approach will equip you with what you need to know to construct a safe, complete metal roof system.

About Rob Haddock

Rob’s background includes a long list of titles: contractor, technical writer, curriculum author, forensic expert, world traveler, inventor, educator, and even rodeo competitor. He has provided consulting services for a worldwide clientele since 1989 and is the inventor of the S-5!®Attachment Technology for metal roofing. He holds some 40 patents and has 44 years of industry experience.