Scott Douglas,
National Director of Sales at PowerLift Hydraulic Doors

Succession and Family Dynamics

Wednesday, March 6 from 8:40–9:40 am

Family businesses are close-knit structures, and family relationships can create challenges in transitioning management and ownership. Careful medium- and long-term planning will minimize conflict both within your organization and with others who are not involved in the business.

About Scott Douglas

Scott has extensive experience in business succession planning. He founded the New Direction Equipment Company, building up distribution across North America, Asia, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, and South America. He has spent 7 years in the post-frame building business, managing two high-volume construction centers. Currently, he is the national director of sales at PowerLift Hydraulic Doors, establishing manufacturing and sales locations across North America. He will share his experience with the challenges of transitioning a family-owned business to the next generation.