Thomas Hudgin, President, Wilmington Quality Associates

Achieving High Performance Levels with the Millennial Generation

Wednesday, March 6 from 9:50–10:50 am

Millennial employees (age 18–35) make up nearly 50% of our workforce today, and their numbers are growing. Most are educated, energetic, culturally diverse, creative, and technically savvy, but they also tend to be job-hoppers. The challenge is to hire the right people, keep them motivated and engaged, and earn their trust. They are hungry to fit in with the company’s vision and make a tangible difference in the company’s growth. Important goals for them are receiving frequent feedback and encouragement, having work flexibility and professional development opportunities, and having the chance to communicate directly with customers. Understanding their thought processes and priorities will help you capitalize on their talents and work ethic. Then watch them achieve high-level performance and make a significant difference in your company’s short- and long-term success.

Striving for Excellence: The Key to Superior Customer Service

Thursday, March 7 from 8:10–9:10 am

“Here today, here tomorrow” is everyone’s dream for long-term business success. To achieve this goal, you must be passionate about beating your competition and becoming the best in customer service. Get a handle on effective techniques for developing a superior customer service image at little or no cost. We’ll discuss development of a superior customer service team, ways to exceed customer expectations, how to fix problems, ways to get constant feedback from customers and determine what your customers value most, getting rid of your telephone menu system, and figuring out why customers might go to your competition.

About Thomas Hudgin

With degrees in chemistry and mathematics and an MBA in marketing from Xavier University, Tom specializes in highly successful business management implementation. In 1991, after working 30 years in the pharmaceutical industry and cofounding Glaxo (now known as GlaxoSmithKline) he founded Wilmington Quality Associates.

Tom focuses in helping companies improve competitive performance by teaching effective leadership skills, improving company image, developing highly motivated employees, and creating delighted customers. He has been chairman of the board for a North Carolina Bank and speaks at 10-15 conventions and educational conferences per year as a keynote and breakout session presenter on business management topics. Tom is a licensed pilot, a retired commander in the US Navy, an accomplished recorder player, and has sailed a 38-foot ketch across the Atlantic to Europe. Just to keep him off the streets, he currently raises llamas in western North Carolina.