Membership Categories

Active members have full voting privileges at the annual meeting and may serve on the Board of Directors. 

Gold Club

NFBA Gold Club Members rise above and beyond the call of duty to support the post-frame industry. Gold Club membership is voluntary. Any member who invests 50 percent of their annual dues (up to $500) becomes a Gold Club member. Gold Club members are recognized with the Gold Club logo at the annual trade show, in the membership directory, and in their Frame Building News listings.
Gold Club dues support industry research and engineering. Over the years, Gold Club funds have been used in many important areas including the Warnock Hersey one-hour fire test, which is referenced by builders everywhere as NFBA/WA 60-01; diaphragm design testing by Cornell University, which offers invaluable results prior to new design theories being put to actual use in day-to-day construction applications; keeping technical post-frame related standards up-to-date; research that sets industry tolerance standards and leads to the development of cutting-edge research that benefits the industry; the creation of the NEW Post-Frame Building Design Manual, and ongoing code challenges that require industry representatives to stand up and speak on your behalf.