Post-Frame Stands Up To The Elements

They can Last 100 Years

This Florida home withstood hurricane force winds.

No one wants to sacrifice quality to reduce project costs or duration. When comparing design options, there are few building frame systems that measure up to post-frame design. Modern wood-frame buildings perform well under severe weather conditions.

In Florida, for example, post-frame contractors reported only "minor damage to trim and other small architectural elements" during Hurricane Katrina. Meanwhile, many nearby non-post-frame structures were severely damaged or destroyed by the storm.

Post-frame structures are relatively lightweight, and prove to be highly resilient under the pressure of external stresses such as wind, snow, and seismic loads. The building frame system is built to withstand what Mother Nature can dish out.

Post-Frame Structures Benefit from Diaphragm Action for Stability

Get an overview of diaphragm design basics.

Get an overview of post-frame building systems diaphragm design basics.
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A post-frame building forms a tremendously strong structure that efficiently resists wind and seismic forces. The secret lies in diaphragm action of the frame building method.

Diaphragm building techniques, which dictate how building components work together to transfer lateral loads to the foundation, account for the stability and durability a post-frame building offers across an extended life cycle. Multiple post foundation options are available with a wood frame system, and each contributes to a building's stability and wind resistance by transferring lateral loads.

When compared to other wood-framed construction, or alternative frame building methods, engineered post-frame systems provide greater structural stability. Basically, a post-frame building system provides key advantages that have increased over time due to the evolution of post-frame design methods, technology, and advances in construction components. Going forward, there will be more creative and unique ways the modern wood frame system to be incorporated, in buildings of all types and for all industries, for decades to come.

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