b'THE OFFICIAL NFBA MAGAZINE2020 POST-FRAME ADVANTAGE CAMPAIGNPFA UPDATEPFA Post Frame Advantage UpdateMegan Miller NFBA Executive Director2 020 is underway and so are several importantforPost-frame-specificfall programs for the Post-frame Industry. Theprotection.We are teaming up NFBA is endeavoring to tackle some largewith the Engineering team at LJB, initiatives that will benefit Post-frame ContractorsInc. to visit multiple post-frame andinturn,allmembersoftheIndustry: construction sites to observe the stages and Snow Load/Building Collapse Response - Therequirements that come in to play with this type NFBA Technical and Research Committee isof construction.The primary goal of this research making efforts to analyze the recent onslaughtwill be to develop a solution for fall protection that of structure collapses due to snow, ice, and windis both practical and affordable.If this research loads. A primary target for response to thisdoes not reveal such a solution, then NFBA will phenomenon is educating building owners aboutuse the evidence from these studies to pursue a the critical component of proper engineering whenvariance from OSHA for the Post-frame Industry.creating a post-frame structure. This effort byResources and funding for these and other projects the Committee involves several avenues research,will come directly from the PFA Program. Our outreach, and education of multiple audiences.fundraising goal for 2020 is $180,000. Please Post-Frame Curriculum Development - Manymake your commitment to this goal and to our hands are at work in the NFBA MembershipIndustry with your 2020 contribution today! Those Committee producing a Post-frame Constructionwho contribute at at level of $500 or more will be Curriculum. This project is going to result inconsidered PFA Gold Level Contributors. Those a comprehensive text book that includes all ofwho contribute at a level of $2500 or more will be the basic skills, tools, and building componentsconsidered PFA Platinum Contributors. Please that are needed for post-frame projects. Thesee the next page for details of these levels, and book will be accompanied by a teaching guidethe recognition and benefits that come with them. and tests. It will be nicely packaged for quickBeing a PFA Contributor at any level is now easier implementation into our Members trainingthan ever. We now have monthly, quarterly, and programs. This program will be launched at nextannual contribution options available. We can also years NFBA Conference and Expo in Nashville.facilitate recurring automatic contributions. Act now and answer the call to support the Post-frame Post-FrameFallProtectionInitiative-TheIndustry by filling out the form on the following NFBA Safety Committee is pursuing a solutionpage and sending it to NFBA via mail, email, or fax.10 / FRAME BUILDER -APR2020'