b'YOUR TOOLKIT FOR BUILDING EXCELENCEAlso, this article and live presentations I haveExtreme weather will provide the ultimate test for made since April 2019 have focused on promotinga buildings reliability and reveal which buildings ASCE 7 as the minimum design load standardare properly engineered post-frame buildings and for all buildings and educating building ownerswhich are look-alikes.It would be immoral to on the importance of getting a fully engineeredrepresent a new building as a properly and fully post-framebuilding.TheNFBATechnicalengineered post-frame building if that is not true. and Research committee will continue to focusI strongly encourage building owners and builders on education materials to promote these ideas.tohaveclearandhonestconversationsabout Even a properly engineered post-frame buildingengineering, design loads, and expected service life could experience damage or collapse due to anbefore the building purchase agreement is signed.extreme snow event, wind storm or tornado, butForamoretechnicallyin-depthversionof it is my opinion that many of the buildings whichthisarticleandtoseeadditionalExamples collapsed in recent snow and wind storm events willandFigures,gotowww.nfba.org/resources/be found (through the survey) to have been under- technical and click on the :Technical Article tab.designed or non-engineered post-frame look-alikes. Aaron J. Halberg, P.E. speaking Someofthekeydecisionsanownershouldat the 53 rdAnnual NFBA EXPOmake for a reliable post-frame building include: Have the building designed by a Professional Engineer familiar with post-frame construction; Selectdesignloadsforsnow,wind, andotherapplicableloadswhich meetorexceedASCE7minimums; Receive a set of certified (stamped) set of construction plans for the building design before construction begins.A stamped truss design does not mean the building itself is engineered!Buildingdesigndocuments are not only useful during construction, but also for inspection of the finished project byinsurance,lenders,andothers;also usefulforfuturereferencewhenchanges, repairs,orimprovementsareconsidered; Work with a competent builder, identified byacommitmenttokeepupwiththeQuick Ship Programlatestadvances,suchastheNFBAsExtended WarranesAccreditedBuilderprogram;andColors to match any rollformed steelPerformtherecommendedpreventative maintenanceandroutineinspectionsto800.558.5895ensure that the building design integrity iswww.plyco.commaintained throughout the buildings useful life. FRAME BUILDER - APR2020 / 17'