b'YOUR TOOLKIT FOR BUILDING EXCELENCECOLD WEATHER INJURIESBY Gary AumanNFBA Legal CounselY oure probably thinking, Winter isprovide warming areas to which almost over, so why should I worryemployees can go when they are about this?While that might be trueexperiencing any symptoms of for some parts of the country, we will continuecold weather injuries. Frostbite to remain at temperatures in many geographicalcan lead to full or partial amputations, which are areas that require precautions for cold weather.reportable to OSHA within twenty-four hours I would like to take a few minutes to touch onof the amputation, and will frequently lead to a few points to keep on your radar as the colda jobsite inspection. Employees should be months wind down. It is also a good time tomonitored closely by supervisors who should schedule time for your own proactive internalbe trained to detect even the early symptoms review of your cold weather injury plan duringof cold weather-related injuries. As with heat the next season.First, you need to rememberillness prevention programs, your cold weather that exposure to cold weather can be just asinjury prevention program should be driven by hazardous to the health of your employeesjobsite supervisors.as hot weather. Makeyourcoldweatherinjury Your cold weather injury prevention programprevention program part of you company safety should be in writing, and it should lead off byprogram. I recommend that you do frequent training all employees who may be exposedtoolbox talks on specific parts of your cold to cold weather conditions and the types ofweather injury prevention program during cold injuries that can develop from work in coldweather months.conditions. These include chilblains, trench foot, hypothermia, and frostbite. The training should include steps to take to prevent theseFall Protectionconditions, the symptoms of them, how toFinally, DO NOT forget fall protection. detect the symptoms in themselves and others,Falls are a leading cause of serios injuries and and the first aid steps to take when symptomsfatalities in the construction industry. I will are detected. Some basic work rules shouldtry to touch on fall protection in each article I alsobedeveloped.Instructemployeestocontribute to the NFBA National Frame Builder. avoid caffeinated beverages, keep themselvesThe most important point to remember with hydrated, dress in warm clothing and in layers,regards to fall protection is to ensure that all andalwayshaveadrychangeofclothingemployees are protected from falls whenever at the worksite with them. You should alsothey are working six feet or more above the continued on page: 28 FRAME BUILDER - APR2020 / 27'