b'THE OFFICIAL NFBA MAGAZINELEGALLY SPEAKINGcontinued from page: 27level below them. You are required by OSHAUpdate on NFBA Post-frame to use conventional fall protection in theseFall Protection Initiativesituations. This means that your employees must either be protected by guardrails, safetyNFBAisenteringanagreementwiththe net systems or personal fall arrest systemsEngineering team of LJB, Inc. to pursue a solution whenever they are six feet or more above the levelfor Post-frame-specific fall protection.In this immediately below them. Alternatives systemsfirst phase of work, LJB will be visiting multiple are also permitted for leading edge work bypost-frame construction sites to observe the 1926.501(b)(2)(i) and for low sloped roof workstages and requirements that come in to play in 1926.502 (f) and (h).The only exception towith this type of construction.The primary this is found in OSHA standard 1926.501(b)(13)goal of this research will be to develop a solution which provides that in residential constructionfor fall protection that is both practical and when the employer can demonstrate that itaffordable.If this research does not reveal such is infeasible or creates a greater risk to usea solution, then NFBA will use the evidence thesesystems(conventionalsystems),thefrom these studies to pursue a variance from employer shall develop and implement a fallOSHA for fall protection for the Post-frame protection plan which meets the requirementsIndustry.We will keep our readers up to date of paragraph (k) of 1926.502. There are manyon the progress of this project as it develops. other specific situations identified in the fallNFBA Legal Services Planprotection standards for specific situations.I caution you that before you considerAll NFBA Members please remember that your usingafallprotectionsystemotherthanMembership includes your Legal Services Plan. the conventional systems discussed in theThis plan allows you one free consultation up preceding paragraph, you consult with yourto 30 minutes per month via phone, email, safety consultant or OSHA experienced legalor office conference with Legal Counsel.To counsel.take advantage of this, please contact Auman Mahan & Furrys Gary Auman at 937-223-6003 ext. 3111.This program is exclusive to current NFBA Members. 28 / FRAME BUILDER -APR2020'