b'YOUR TOOLKIT FOR BUILDING EXCELENCEsays Lydia Stoltzfus. He has worked alongside his crew tocompletehundredsofprojects,fillingPennsylvania with beautiful buildings. Integrity is in the Details is the companys standard forintegrity of a person shines through in excellence. Lydia Stoltzfus explains, We believe that thehow well they complete details. Amos paysattentiontodetail,andinturn, creates stunning buildings that have the integritytowithstandforgenerations. Amos is also attentive to the wishes of our clients. He does a wonderful job of communicatingwiththem,ensuring they will have a positive experience with our team. Aseveryconstructionworkerunder-stands, good housekeeping and safe job sitesareofutmostimportance.Amos Amos works hard to keep jobsites sites safe and clean without wasting valuable timeworkshardtokeepjobsitessitessafe andcleanwithoutwastingvaluable time. His positive attitude and cheerful smile give Amos an openness that his fellow team members and White Horses clientsappreciate.Ourclientsenjoy working with him and around him. We appreciate that he does a wonderful job with punctuality and accuracy both in thejobsite,andinhispaperworkfor the office. Our team would be entirely different without Amos Jay, and we are thankful he is choosing to put his time and energy into his position at White Horse Construction. It is an honor to have him here. says Lydia. FRAME BUILDER - APR2020 / 39'