b'THE OFFICIAL NFBA MAGAZINETable of Contents14-17Technology & ResearchLet it Snow! Let it Snow! TABLE OF CONTENTSLet it Snow?!?Post-frame building owners should be able to enjoy long, peaceful, winternapsforyearstocome iftheirbuildingsareproperly engineered,constructed,and maintained. Over the past decade, snow has contributed to the collapse ofmanybuildingsthroughout ruralareas,especiallywhere large buildings are exempt from building codes and inspections.30-32Successful CEOs Envision Their Own Exit StrategyLeaders need to prepare for the future of their company. If that company is part of your identity, why not do succession planning?, asks Beth Savage, President of PQ Systems.Beth was part of a team that built aplanforsuccessionthat wasimplementedwhen the founder of PQ Systems unexpectedlypassed. 4 / FRAME BUILDER -APR2020'