b'YOUR TOOLKIT FOR BUILDING EXCELENCEMEET YOURASSOCIATE DIRECTOR BOB POPEBob serves as Associate Director and Staff Advisor.HehasbeenmanagingConstructionTrade STAFF Associations since 1974, and has been an integral part of developing and maintaining many apprentice, journeymen, and supervisor training programs.ACCOUNT MANAGER DESIGN AND PRODUCTIONCHRYSTAL BURRIS JOE WILLIAMSChrystalservesasSenior AccountManager. Joe specializes in graphic design, video production, She oversees all aspects of the NFBA Financeand print production. He is also a professional Department. photographer. He lends his creative eye and technical savvy to NFBA activities and publications including the NFBA Expo and this magazine. FRAME BUILDER - NOV2019 / 11'