b'YOUR TOOLKIT FOR BUILDING EXCELENCEPURSUIT OF GROWTHPFA Post Frame Advantage UpdateMegan Miller NFBA Executive DirectorF ormerlyknownasthePost- GoldContributor FrameMarketInitiativeandwillreceivean (PFMI), Post Frame Advantageenhanced listing on (PFA) is a program created to expandnfba.org that includes theuseofpost-frameconstructiontheGoldContributoremblem. innon-agriculturalsegments. A contribution of $2500 or more will PFA focuses on educating architects,be answered with those benefits, AND builders, designers, and end consumersa copy of the Post-Frame Market Study aboutthebenefitsofpost-framethat was recently conducted by NFBA constructionthroughtargetedand New Heights Research. This is a marketingeffortsandwebinars.valuable tool that will be shared with Our industry is continuing to grow, butyou in exchange for your support. in order to keep it growing on a goodAllcontributorswillbewillbe path, funds are very much needed forrecognizedattheannualexpo, promoting post-frame and educatingandwillbelistedintheNFBA variousaudiencesaboutthequalitymagazineandontheNFBA optionofpost-frameconstruction.Facebook page as a PFA supporter.It is our goal that your company willWecannowaccommodate see more projects in the residential andadditionalpaymentoptions!commercial/non-ag market as a result.Semi-Annual,quarterly,monthly, Funds from this program will generateandrecurringpaymentsforyour morebusinessthroughincreasedcontribution are available in addition awarenessofpost-frameasahighto the one-time contribution option. quality and sustainable building choice.Foradditionalinformationabout SupportthePost-FrameIndustryPFA, please contact Megan Miller at nowwithacommitmenttoPFA mmiller@nfba.orgor800-557-6957Withacontributionof$500or more, you will be recognized as a FRAME BUILDER - NOV2019 / 13'