b"THE OFFICIAL NFBA MAGAZINEWISCONSIN SNOW DAMAGE, POSTFRAME FIREWALL & MECHANICALLY LAMINATED COLUMNSTECHNOLOGY & RESEARCHTimothy R. Royer, P.E.L astmonththeTechnical&ResearchasearlyasT&R Chair cycle.thenextcode Committee (T&R) met in Chicago forThe 2015 International Energy our third meeting of the year.The T&RConservation Code defines an air committee is made up of engineers and academiabarrier as a single material or a who are involved in the design of post-framecombination of materials joined together to buildings or involved in research supporting theprovide a barrier to air leakage through the post-frame building industry.One of the projectsbuilding envelope (International Code Council, that we are working on is a name change for the2015b). Some prescriptive air barriers are listed in three post-frame standards that are referencedthe code and are discussed in this article. A basic in the International Building Code (IBC).Eachunderstanding of air-barrier properties helps one of these standards are essential for structuraldevelop a functional and effective air-barrier system.engineers who design code conforming post-frame buildings, most of which are residential orAnotherprojectthattheT&Rcommitteeis commercial buildings. These three standards arecurrently working on is the inclusion of glued ASAE-EP484 Diaphragm Design of Metal Cladlaminated columns in the post-frame fire wall Post-Frame Rectangular Buildings, ASAE-EP486listing.Approved by Underwriter's Laboratory last Shallow-Post foundation Design, ASAE-EP559year, UL V304 is a 3 hour rated post-frame firewall Design Requirements and Bending Propertiessystem that currently utilizes 5 ply mechanically for Mechanically Laminated Columns and theylaminated columns spaced 8 feet apart.The goal are included in the IBC in Section 2306.1 andof this project is to provide fire test data to the listed in Chapter 35. The names of these standardsUnderwriters Laboratory to support the use of refer to the American Society of Agriculturalglulam columns as an acceptable alternative to and Biological Engineers (ASABE) and there hasthe mechanically laminated columns that were been some confusion regarding the applicationused in the actual fire test.We are working of these standards to residential and commercialwith professionals in the glulam industry and buildings.Our committee is working with ASABEengineersattheUnderwritersLaboratory to include NFBA in the standard name, such asto determine if this alternative is acceptable.NFBA/ASAE-EP484.With this name change weRelated to this project is a post-frame firewall are also hoping to get the National Frame Buildersdemonstration that will be prepared for the Association listed in IBC as a referenced standardupcoming NFBA/Frame Building Expo at Des organization in Chapter 35.This could happen continued on page: 1614 /FRAME BUILDER -NOV2019"