b'THE OFFICIAL NFBA MAGAZINETECHNOLOGY & RESEARCHNFBA 3 Hour Fire Wall Testing with Three Layers of GWB Page 1 of 2 NFBA 3 Hour Fire Wall Testing with Three Layers of GWB Page 1 of 2Moines Iowa, February 26th through the 28thheavy snow loads that this region experienced 2020. This demonstration will be performed onall contributed to the high number of failures. In the trade show floor and will include a full-scaleorder to better understand what happened and model of a post-frame firewall. We will discusshow to accurately recommend improve building construction techniques and tips such as how topractices, a survey has been prepared by the protect the fire rated drywall from the elementsUniversity of Wisconsin extension and will be while under construction, the materials andutilized to collect data directly from farmers who methods that are required by the UL listing, andexperienced failure. This data will be used to create answer questions from the audience concerninga recommended practices brochure and will be their experience with the post-frame firewall. presented at the upcoming NFBA Expo and other A large portion of our meeting was spent discussingspeaking events with industry stakeholders such the snow damage that occurred this past winteras the insurance industry and financing providers.in the Upper Midwest region.The WisconsinLastly, we discussed working with a university to chapteroftheNFBAandtheUniversityofprepare a curriculum for teaching the methods Wisconsin extension have been working togetherthat were presented in the newly published Non-to collect data on the collapses that happeneddiaphragm Building Design Manual.This manual during this past winter. While all constructionwas published last year by NFBA and provides types experienced collapses (steel, masonry, anddetailed description post-frame building design wood), the majority of these collapses involvedwithout utilizing the strength of shear walls and agricultural buildings.Most agricultural buildingsroof diaphragms. The manual is currently available are exempt from the building code and as a resultas a digital download and hard copy from the a large number of agricultural buildings are builtNFBA website.The short course curriculum would without structural engineering. Other factorsprovide an opportunity for students learn how to such as the age of the buildings, maintenance ofdesign post-frame buildings with this procedure. the structural framing system, and the extreme continued on next page:16 /FRAME BUILDER -NOV2019'