b'THE OFFICIAL NFBA MAGAZINE FOREMAN OF THE MONTH 2016 NFBA 1st Place Building of the Year Award for the Veterinary Clinic in Navarre, OHFOREMAN OF THE MONTH WILLIAM J HOSTETLER, K&M BUILDERS LTDCongratulations to NFBA Crew Foreman of the Month, William J. Hostetler of K & M Builders, Ltd. located in Kidron, OH.The company as a whole feels that William J. Hostetler deserves to be recognized many times over as an exemplary Crew Foreman. William has been with the com-pany for 30 years and is highly respected by the owner of the company, his crew members, co-workers and their clients. He is the one we look to when any question should arise. Not only is he a phenomenal Post Frame Builder for our company in Residential Garages, Barns, and Commercial Projects but he also draws up our clients Home Plans. He is a very talented craftsman and is a very valuable asset to our company. says Loretta Wyss, Office Manager at K & M Builders.22 /FRAME BUILDER -NOV2019'