b'YOUR TOOLKIT FOR BUILDING EXCELENCECHANGE YOUR LEADERSHIP MINDSET OR SUFFER THE CONSEQUENCES5 Steps to Thrive in Our Unstable WorldBY Brad WolffManaging Partner of PeopleMaxO urworldofunpredictableand2.AdaptabilityThe ability to uncontrollable change presents a hugeutilize flexibility to meet the leadershipchallenge.Howcanwedemands of new conditions.survive and even thrive when our environment3.LearnabilityThe ability to quickly learn new turns against us? knowledge and skills that are required to meet Youre trying to create a proverbial win-win forthe demands of new conditions.both parties, Cudmore said, with the two sidesAs a leader, implementing these traits, as allow in question being the homebuilder and the buyer. you to become a Flexible, Adaptive, Learning BobMillerwastheCEOofRockyRoadsOrganization (FALO).A FALO provides a unique Corporation, the dominant regional provider ofcompetitive edge in an unstable environment. The rocks used for building roads.After 18 highlykey mindset shift by the leaders is to focus on the profitable years, they suddenly dropped behind twothings that lie in your area of control rather than competitors. Due to a combination of unforeseenconstantly reacting to things out of your control. changes, sales plunged from $60mm to $30mm.Instead of things getting easier, you get better!They went from $6mm profit to a loss of $2mmHow do you develop a FALO?in only two years. Bob hired a firm that helps companies thrive in a changing environment.Below is a five-step process to creating a FALO:After one year of working together, Rocky Roads1. Shift your mindset from solving problems via reached break-even.In two years, they climbedprocesses and technologies to solving people to a $7 million profit. Their engagement levels areproblems first.All business problems (including now higher than the good years, and Bob enjoysprocess and technology problems) are people his job more than ever. problemsattheirrootsincepeopleselect, BecomeaFlexible,Adaptive,Learningdevelop, operate and manage your processes Organization and technologies.The perfect processes and The pivotal point was when Bobs mindset changed.technologies with the wrong people or with people He realized that what led to success in the pastwho are not using them properly will never work. often doesnt work today.The primary leadershipA process and technology focus is a convenient driven characteristics needed to thrive now are distraction away from the more challenging arena of human beings.However, starting with processes 1.FlexibilityThe willingness to change orand technologies is treating the symptoms, not the compromise. cause. Your solutions will always be suboptimal continued on page: 26FRAME BUILDER - NOV2019 / 25'