b'THE OFFICIAL NFBA MAGAZINENFBA NEWS NFBA is working to develop a universal fall protection system for post frame contractorsNFBA SAFETY COMMITTEE UPDATET heNFBASafetyCommitteehascontinuedtoworktoidentifysafetyissues that confront our industry. We completed and issued an NFBA safety template to our members at the 2019 Expo. This template provides a framework for our members to develop their own safety programs to provide a greater degree of safety for all of their employees.In addition, the committee continues to work on tool box talks, address post-frame specific hazards, and raise awareness to NFBA members. The committee identified a need to develop a fall protection system all post frame contractors could afford and use to protect employees from fall hazards during the erection of post frame buildings. The committees efforts to work with safety equipment manufacturers did not result in a useable product. Their efforts were redirected and theybegan working with an internationally known safety engineering firm to develop a universal fall protection system for post frame contractors, or a white paper the NFBA could use to seek other relief from the existing OSHA fall protection standards. The ultimate goal of the committee is to provide usable safety information to all post frame contractors to enable them to develop a strong safety culture within their companies. 30 /FRAME BUILDER -NOV2019'