b'YOUR TOOLKIT FOR BUILDING EXCELENCENFBA MEMBERSHIPT hemembershipcommitteehashada COMMITTEE UPDATE busyyearworkingdiligentlytowritea post-framecurriculumthatcanbeused inconjunctionwithconstructionprogramsin CommunityColleges,TechSchoolsandHigh Schoolsaswellastofurthertrainourcurrent workforce. The ultimate goal is to create a DOL approvedpost-frameapprenticeshipprogram. Creating this curriculum will bring more attention to post-frame construction as a career and help ease the workforce development issues we all face.The Membership Committee always works hard toengageourmemberstohelpidentifytheir challengesandneeds.Byunderstandingthe needs of the membership, this committee is able NFBA Membership Committee Meeting at Greiner Buildings in September to find relevant solutions to common problems. INDUSTRY NEWST he 30th Annual Wisconsin Frame Builders Association Golf Outing was held August 7,2019attheexquisitePar4Resortin Waupaca, WI. The Winners of the Outing were:Picture 1:Jacob KrausDoug ReadyTodd CarlsonGarry MatzJerry HarerPicture 2:Carl HuthTodd CarlsonCurt BarnettDoyle PokornyChris KooimanFormoreinformationabouttheWFBA,goto www.wisconsinframebuilders.orgFRAME BUILDER - NOV2019 / 31'