b"YOUR TOOLKIT FOR BUILDING EXCELENCEHOW CAN EMPLOYEE TURNOVER RETURN POSITIVE RESULTS?Every business owner has something thats kept them up at night. For Bernard Dalichau, President of Lavender Home Care Solutions, it was the thought of losing his employees. I put so much effort into hiring them, and I put so much effort into developing them, the fear of losing people was a huge anxiety point I had, he says.T he principles to overcoming fear may beFacing the Fearsimple, but the practice takes commitmentBernard says it was an important step to be honest andsupport.HereshowBernardwith himself about the anxiety he was experiencing. confronted his fear and used it to grow and advanceHe was able to identify the true source of the fear his business. by working with certified Leadership Coach and A Toxic EnvironmentAileron President Joni Fedders. The fear of losing With a focus on company growth, Bernardspeople was actually a personal fear of not being attention had slowly been pulled away fromadequate enough to train or give them enough spending as much time on company culture. Iinformation to continue to grow, says Bernard. took my eyes off of the concept of values andOnce I understood where that fear was coming mission and culture, explains Bernard, and beforefrom, then I could learn how to talk about it, and I knew it, a toxic environment had grown withinhow to act in ways that would instill confidence the company.in the staff, he adds.Bernard began to see his staff acting in ways thatRe-focusing on Culturebenefited them as individuals, and not as a team.Toovercomethefearandanxiety,Bernard Having worked to bring together a unique set ofrefocused his energy to work on company culture. individuals who were each selected for a specificDuring this process, he saw how the majority of role within his growth strategy, it was concerningpeople were not a cultural fit for the company.to see how the culture was shifting.My fear turned into anxiety because, at that time,Finding out that I had to terminate the majority I felt that I could not bring them together andof [those who were not a cultural fit], turned into that's when my fear of losing [employees] reallya vigorous protection of the mission, vision, and started to expound further and cause more stress,values that I spent so much time to build, says he says. He was especially worried about losing aBernard.top sales person who was a positive influence onOnce he was able to realign with the mission and the company culture (and the bottom line). values, he was able to protect them for the sake My fear of losing employees turned into realityof the company. when the one person who I didn't want to lose,Before, my anxiety had crippled me from making ended up leaving, says Bernard. decisions based on our mission and values. But continued on page: 34FRAME BUILDER - NOV2019 / 33"