b'YOUR TOOLKIT FOR BUILDING EXCELENCEthen finding out along with them, that they are What do each of my employees value most?perfectly capable of handling difficult situations. HowwellamIdoinginshowing(and A big pillar of leadership is not telling peoplecommunicating) my genuine appreciation what to do, but asking them how to do it," saysfor employees?Bernard, "and seeing where they can take it. It\'s not In what ways am I recognizing behaviors that the end-all be-all answer to everybody\'s questions,are good for individuals and good for the team but it is one major part of growth which allowsas a whole?the company to become a living entity."I\'m enjoying watching people grow and come upEmbracing Vulnerabilitywith an idea that is truly theirs, and that I haveBernard is more open and transparent with his nothing to do with. And they\'re smiling after ourstaff, and because of that approach, hes seen conversation because it\'s their idea. his relationships grow with employees. Leading Showing Employees Your Appreciation with vulnerability is not just about opening up about fears or doubts, its also about sharing Examining the source of his fear allowed Bernardinformation and knowledge.to re-assess how he recognized, appreciated, andRecently Bernard worked on a Business Model rewarded his employees, which he knows is aCanvas for the company, and realized it was an critical piece in retaining them. Beyond reducingopportunity to involve his team in the process.turnover, the benefits of a culture of appreciation include improved productivity, greater customerThe staff I have now is much more open. They satisfaction, more positive relationships withunderstand the vision, they understand the mission colleagues, and a better overall workplace culture. of the company, and I can ask them questions [to No matter a persons position, they want to feelunderstand their thinking]. The more that I give appreciated at work and they want to feel theirto them, the more hungry they become to provide work is valuable to the company. Bernard looksfor the company, says Bernard.to genuinely acknowledge and appreciate everyBernard says the first time he heard an employee employees contributions to the company. Partsay, This is my company, it surprised him, but of that process is rewarding them in ways thatit was a moment where he felt gratitude and matter to them.validation for the process he had been througha Not everybody wants the same thing and there\'sprocess that started with facing his fear head-on. different ways to talk to different people, and soThroughthisprocessfearhasturnedinto we are intentional about uncovering that, sayssomething really positive, says Bernard. And it Bernard.has really brought us to the point where we are For example, Bernard knows that for one of histoday.employees, having the flexibility to spend time with family is what she values most. Her grandchildren are very important to her. She wants to be able to go and spend time with her grandchildren once a quarter, and that matters to her more than a raise, he says. Leaders can do the same by asking:FRAME BUILDER - NOV2019 / 35'