b'THE OFFICIAL NFBA MAGAZINETable of Contents14-17Technology & ResearchWisconsin Snow Damage, TABLE OF CONTENTSPost Frame Firewall & Mechanically Laminated ColumnsLast month the Technical & Research Committee (T&R) met in Chicago for their third meeting of the year.The T&R committee is made up of engineers andacademiawhoareinvolvedin thedesignofpost-framebuildings orinvolvedinresearchsupporting thepost-framebuildingindustry.24-27Change Your Leadership Mindset or Suffer the ConsequencesOurworldofunpredictableand uncontrollable change presents a huge leadershipchallenge.Howcanwe surviveandeventhrivewhenour environment turns against us? Here are 5 Steps to Thrive in Our Unstable World.4 /FRAME BUILDER -NOV2019'