b'SCHEDULE OF EVENTSTHURSDAY, FEBRUARY 276:30 am-5 pm Registration6:30-8:30 amContinental Breakfast8-9 amEducational Breakout Sessions BUSINESS MANAGEMENTEnd the Chaos: Become a Personal Productivity ChampionEXPO SCHEDULERandy GorukAs a leader, how is your time management, or as our presenter Randy Goruk likes to refer to time management, how is your personal productivity? Do you accomplish everything you set out to do in a day? Do you find yourself running from one thing to another? Do you know the time wasters in your day and how to deal with them?Do you have enough time for your family? Do you wish you had one more hour in a day? It is essential for a leaders success, and health, to take full control of the time in their world. They need to become a personal productivity champion.Many of us in the frame building industry never seem to have the time to do everything we set out to dowe are constantly challenged with time pressures that never seem to go away. This interactive presentation is designed to share proven strategies and techniques that can be immediately implemented and help end the chaosSALES AND MARKETING 9-9:10 amBREAKRetaining Key Employees by Creating a Self- 9:10-10:10 am Educational Breakout SessionsMotivating Work EnvironmentThomas Hudginlnspired, driven and talented employees - its every frame buildersBUSINESS MANAGEMENTmost important asset. Your top-performing employees will help your company survive the toughest economy. Thats why now more thanThe Seven Steps to Scale Up Your Business ever, its critical to ensure that you are taking the steps to hire theSuccessfullyright people and retain these key employees for the short and longKuldeep Persaudterm. You cannot tell people to be motivated, but you can create aHelping businesses to successfully grow is not easy. Kuldeep Persaud work environment that fosters self-motivation. This informative talk willas the magical 7 steps you need to know. show you how to do just that. Examine the thought processes and1. You must become clear on your vision for the future.emotions of key performers who stay versus those who move on to2. Are you good at running your existing business at the size level what they see as greener pastures. Get advice on hiring strategiesyou currently are? and motivational techniques to build the loyalty necessary to ensure3. What is your brand promise? key employees stay and thrive. 4. Putting together a Strategic Plan that defines what the top of the mountain looks like.5. Dealing with challenges to growth in the Post-frame Industry.SAFETY AND TECHNICAL KNOWLEDGE 6. Capital Funding for growth: What you need, how much money and Load, Spacing & Span Impacts on Structural Designwhat is the funding source.for Non-Engineers 7. Risk Management: cash Management, regulatory compliance, legal Joe Zulovich liability exposure, safety and environmental regulations. The area supported method is a basic structural design procedure used to select the size of a simple structural member at a definedSALES AND MARKETINGmember span and spacing when given know load conditions. Post- Do you know what YOU are doing for Work Tomorrow, frame structural systems analyses can use this area supported method to understand how the load on a given post-frame memberNext Week, or Next Month? We do.Residential Metal or on a connection changes due to changes in load conditions, spanRoofing!or spacing of post-frame members. This presentation will include:Todd Meinhold an explanation on how the area supported method works, how theThis session is designed to help attendees build confidence with method applies to post-frame structural systems, different examplescustomers, confidence to forecast budget and cash flow with a full of load impact/load to be carried by a member at a given span andwork load, provide stable work for VALUED employees and price spacing, how a given building load affects the member load supportedwork based on your company talents, NOT the customers budget.by a given member when the span and spacing change, and howWith this additional profit, you can work ON your business and NOT a given building load affects the needed connection strength whenin the business.member span and spacing change.12 / 2020 FRAME BUILDING EXPO -DESMOINES, IOWA'