b'SCHEDULE OF EVENTSSAFETY AND TECHNICAL KNOWLEDGE EXPO FLOOR ACTIVITIESOSHA Update 2-3 pm Gary AumanFirewalls & InstallationWhat has been happening in the safety area from a regulatoryTim Royerstandpoint? Not all changes in OSHA expectations and enforcementAs NFBA members commercial business grew, so did the demand for take place in the standard setting process. Many significant changesexpansion of post-frame fire-rated wall systems. Larger commercial come in the form of OSHA policies, such as the multi-employer worksitebuildings with larger areas and multiple occupancies required fire policy. We will discuss the changes that have occurred in the precedingwalls, fire barriers and fire partitions (which require fire ratings from 12 months and how they may/still affect our members. both sides). Other recent code changes (2009 IBC, Table 602, and 2009 IBC 705.5) requiring an exterior fire-rated wall from both sides at 10:10-10:20 amBREAK separation distances of 10 feet or less (versus the former 5 feet) also added to the need for economical post-frame fire-resistant walls. With 10:20-11:20 amEducational Breakout Sessions these circumstances, NFBA took on the challenge of pursuing efforts to obtain certification of a tested 3-hour load-bearing post-frame wall BUSINESS MANAGEMENT with fire protection from both sides that could be used for fire walls, fire The Missing Link: Revolutionizing Performancebarriers or fire partitions. After a successful 3-hour rating was obtained, the outlook for additional certifications was promising. Tim will have a Management mock-up of a 3-hour firewall on-hand for demonstration to attendees.Bruce Hodes This is a revolutionary strategy execution management process.It is part process, part implementation, and part roadmap. This methodology4-5 pm puts your companys strategic plan in action and helps your companyBuilding Stronger Structures with Mechanically Driven bridge the gap between strategy and executing - the strexecutionFastenerspoint. This process ensures follow through and implementation ofChad Giese the strategic plan by: increasing communication between employeesLearn how to reduce wear and tear on your body, and build stronger and managers, clarifying job responsibilities, setting goals withbuildings faster by using code prescribed mechanically driven fasteners measurement criteria, tracking progress towards goals, initiatives andto frame structures. Learn about the differences between nail types strategic plans, monitoring progress through graphic, customizableand styles and how they perform. reports, encouraging regular performance feedback, and identifying performance trends. 5:15-5:30 pmPRIZE DRAWING IN HALLSALES AND MARKETING 5:30-7:30 pmChristians in ConstructionInspire, Empower, Engage: Coaching Skills for FrameReception Building ProfessionalsRandy Goruk8-11 pmCoaching doesnt come naturally or easy for many leaders in the construction industry. Its all about communicating effectively. ThisExpo Socialsession will sharpen the coaching skills of the participants by providingJoin us for an evening of entertainment, food and beverages. Bring your easy to understand concepts and implementable techniques forcolleagues, friends and family members or entertain your customers inspiring, empowering, and engaging their teams. and make new acquaintances. Lets come together, celebrate our industry and make some good memories!SAFETY AND TECHNICAL KNOWLEDGE FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 28Proper Snow Loads for Post-Frame BuildingsAaron Halberg This presentation will explain how to understand all environmental7:30-10:30 am Registrationdesign loads, but focusing on snow loads, regarding life expectancy of the building, how the building design reliability (or safety factor)7:30-9:30 amContinental Breakfastshould be affected by the number of occupants in a building or7:30-9:00 amSmall Builder Breakfastvaluable contents within the building, proper communication of the design loads and life expectancy assumptions to all stakeholders,(Invitation Only)including occupants, owners, builders, material suppliers, insurers,8:30am - 12:30 pmEXPO OPENand financial lenders.Also, understanding the potential for a false sense of security provided by obtaining a building permit and a code compliant building, when various levels of safety can be providedEXPO FLOOR ACTIVITIESwithin the building code, and inherent limitations involved by following10-10:45 amScrew-Driving Competitiondesign standards based on past weather patterns to forecast what may happen in the future, during the design lifespan of a new post11-11:45 amNail-Pounding Competitionframe building 12 pm Grand Prize Drawing11:20-11:45 amBREAK11:45-1:15 pm Awards Luncheon1:30-5:30 pmEXPO OPEN 2020 FRAME BUILDING EXPO- DES MOINES, IOWA/ 13'