b'THE OFFICIAL NFBA MAGAZINECHICAGO VOTES TO PHASE IN $15 MINIMUM WAGE BY 2021LABOR REPORTAccelerates pay boost governor approved Feb. 19Concerns of wage violations, harassment remainBY Stephen JoyceA n ordinance the Chicago City CouncilWere veryBloomberg Law By happy with the vast approved Nov. 26 to increase the citysmajorityofthisordinance. minimum wage to $15 an hour includedboosting the wage to $15, we are a controversial lower-tier minimum wage forlifting 100,000 Chicago residents workers receiving tips. out of poverty, Mackenzie Thurman, spokesman Illinois earlier this year became the first Midwesternfor ordinance sponsor Alderman Sophia King, said state to enact a minimum wage of $15 an hour,in an interview.with phased-in increases between 2020 and 2025.Opponents of the lower-tier minimum wage said The Chicago City Council Nov. 26 adopted a morethe move leaves tipped employees behind.aggressive wage increase schedule, approving onInstead of increasing the exploitative subminimum a 39-11 vote a citywide $15-an-hour minimumtipped wage to the full minimum wage and lifting wage by 2021. Chicagos current minimum wagethousands of working families out of poverty and is $13 an hour. combating racial and gender injustice, the Council Both the state and city standards contain a lowerlistened to the corporate restaurant lobby, Nataki minimum wage for workers who receive gratuitiesRhodes, lead organizer for Restaurant Opportunities from customers; in Chicago, that rate is now $6.40Centers United Chicago, said in a statement.and will increase to $8.40 by 2021. The ChicagoPhase-In Scheduleordinance requires all workers to earn $15 an hour once its phased in completely. If a tipped workersThe ordinance sets out pay raises for three different salary plus tips dont equal at least $15 an hour, thegroups. For Chicago companies employing more employer must make up the difference.than 20 workers, a $14-an-hour minimum wage Supporters of the higher Chicago measure said theytakes effect July 1, 2020. A year after that, the rate were disappointed by the lower wage for tippedmoves to $15 an hour. The ordinance also mandates staff. But they also said the City Council soon mighthourly increases after the $15-an-hour threshold is consider a one fair wage ordinance to eliminate themet: beginning in 2022, the citys hourly rate will lower wage tier for tipped staff. They also applaudedincrease each year based on a consumer price index what they said is a meaningful change for low- but will be capped at 2.5%. income workers across the city, who will see anEmployers with more than three but fewer than 21 annual increase in pay of about $3,600 from theworkers are required to increase minimum pay by higher minimum wage. 50 cents each year until wages reach $15 an hour 20 / FRAME BUILDER -JAN2020'