b'YOUR TOOLKIT FOR BUILDING EXCELENCEwere designed according to ASAE EP486ShallowPostandPier Foundation Design. In this case the client was interested in avoiding woodtogroundcontactsothe Perma-Column post base offered a good solution. Steel siding was installed on 2x4 wall girts which were fastened to the wood posts. The building also included various architectural exterior finishes such as stone veneer. Design of the wood members and their connections was completed according to the National DesignSpecification(NDS)for Example 2 Figure 2 - InteriorWood Construction as published framing of 2nd floor area by the American Wood Council. The roof trusses had a sloped bottom chord, which provided the increased ceiling height near the center of the building, where the second floor was located. The second floor consisted of 2x10 floor joists supported by stud frame walls below. The stud frame walls bear on thickened slab footings. Part of the second floor was supported by glulam posts and headers, with the posts attached to the thickened slab concrete footing by Sturdi-wall brackets. In this building the second floor was designed with a live load of 80psf and 15 psf dead load. In this case a large second floor area was not necessary, however the size of the second floor could have easily been expanded if desired.Foramoretechnicallyin-depth versionofthisarticleandtosee additional Examples and Figures, go to www.nfba.org/resources/technical and click on the :Technical Article tab. FRAME BUILDER - JAN2020 / 27'