b'YOUR TOOLKIT FOR BUILDING EXCELENCEIn a partnership, responsibilities can be shared which will alleviate the stress of one person trying to run the entire business on their own.Qualified Business Income Deduction for Passcompany. C-Corps also benefit from a flat tax rate Through Entities of twenty-one percent on profits from the business. A significant benefit of a pass-through entity likeA C-Corp has a perpetual existence which means those described above is it allows the owners orit will exist indefinitely regardless of if an owner shareholders the ability to take advantage of theor shareholder leaves or dies. This makes it easy new tax deduction for qualifying businesses. Thisto transfer ownership because the transfer is done new deduction allows individuals who qualify tothrough the exchange of stock.deduct up to twenty percent of qualifying businessConclusionincome in order to lower the individuals taxable income. The qualified business income deductionWhile each type of structure has pros and cons, is not available for C-Corporations. an important aspect to consider is where the C-Corporation business is going in the future and how complex the owners need the business structure to be. For A C-Corporation is the most complex businessmore information on which business entity is right structure which requires multiple documents tofor you, feel free to reach out to our office at (614)-be filed with the federal and state governments in487-0774 or visit us online at www.oles-cpa.com.order to be granted a C-Corp status. Like LLCs, aAbout UsC-Corp offers owners and shareholders protection against losses and debt incurred by the business. Oles and Associates is a mid-sized accounting firm An advantage of a C-Corp is the ease of generatinglocated in Columbus Ohio. We focus on helping capital because it can issue various classes of stockindividuals and businesses with their financial offering greater control over ownership of thereporting, accounting, and tax needs.FRAME BUILDER - JAN2020 / 29'