b'YOUR TOOLKIT FOR BUILDING EXCELENCECHARACTERISTICS OF SUCCESSFUL POST FRAME INDUSTRY WEBSITES THAT BUILD LONG TERM ROIThe post frame marketing landscape has been shifting and will continue to transition into 2020 and beyond. In the post frame industry, new business has traditionally come from word of mouth referrals and ended with a handshake. In 2020, the post frame customer is doing more internet research than ever before, and successfully using a website to attract visitors that turn into customers is exceedingly important.BY Laura BenjaminPresident of Satellite Six LLCW eather, seasonality, and fluctuating2.Focusyourmessagingon material costs can have an impact oncustomersuccessnotyour the revenue cycle of manufacturers,companys successbuilders,suppliers,andotherpostframeItstemptingtoshowcaseyour professionals. Having an effective website thatawards, achievements, and qualities on your consistently brings users to your business andwebsite homepage. A builder or consumer is gives them the value theyre looking for can helpon your website and youd love to tell them why build trust and smooth out the ebbs and flows ofyour business is the best. Counterintuitively, the normal fluctuations in the industry. companies that successfully inspire their audience Here are 6 characteristics of successful post frameto make a purchase year after year are those industry websites that attract online visitors,that make the customer the hero, not their own generate sales, and build long term ROI: company.1. Use a visualizer tool if youre a builder, designer,Use your homepage to create a picture of what or supplier customer success looks like. It may be a distributor Businesses who provide the best personalized andwho has builders lining up to purchase products or customized building information tailored to theit may a homeowner who is spending quality time potential customer tend to generate more sales. Ifwith his family in a once-in-a-lifetime recreational youre a post frame builder, designer, or materialbuilding. Resist the temptation to tell visitors why supplier, having a high quality visualizer tool onyoure great. Make them the hero and you may your website is no longer a luxury, its a necessarywin over a new customer.tool that customers expect. 3. Use video to showcase your people and productsConsumer and business level customers expect toThe most meaningful connections in life and visualize the layout, colors, and other accessorybusiness happen face to face. Using videos on options of a building that they are considering.your website, especially your home page, can be a More and more post frame professionals haveway to build strong face-to-face connections with visualizer tools embedded on their website forprospects and customers.users to interact with as its becoming moreConsider a Hello From The President video, a important to meet the needs of potential customers testimonial from an actual customer who loves continued on page: 38 FRAME BUILDER - JAN2020 / 37'