b"THE OFFICIAL NFBA MAGAZINEA MESSAGEFROMM AT T G R E I N E R PRESIDENT, NFBA BOARD OF DIRECTORSJ anuary is upon us and we are excited to release the 2ndPRESIDENT'S MESSAGEedition of the National Frame Builder Magazine! We had a solid Fall Board Meeting and have kept things pushing forward throughout November and December. Even though it has been a busy fall season for seemingly all post frame companies, NFBA staff and Board of Directors continue to make great progress toward elevating our industry to new heights. Most initiatives remain consistent with last month; because they are significant in scope, we continue to stay focused on completing those items. The primary focus for NFBA staff at this time is preparation for the 2020 Expo to be held in Des Moines. You will find a lot of content in this edition regarding this event. The Expo Planning Committee has worked diligently with our new management toThe Marketing Steering Committee has a lot on the make it what we hope will be the best Expo yet. I amdocket; one important development we are sure to see certainly excited to hear Coach Dan Gable, Olympic goldis the availability of NFBA Accredited Builder decals medal wrestler, speak at this event. I hope to meet youthat accredited builders can prominently display on there and hope you enjoy your visit to my home state. their equipment. If your company is not already an accredited builder, please consider achieving this status as Our curriculum development project continues toit will put you amongst the elite builders in the industry.make great progress. We have the second draft of theLast but certainly not least, I mentioned last Issue that curriculum completed. We are engaged with severalwe are all set to conduct an in-depth post frame safety outside firms, exploring options to take this draft into itsstudy. That is set to begin in the coming weeks. This is sure final, deliverable format. NFBA staff is doing an excellentto be a big breakthrough and is of utmost importance. job at driving this initiative forward while the MembershipWe will release details and updates as they develop.Committee provides input and oversight on a regular basis. Meanwhile, the Membership Committee plansWith that, I hope you enjoy this edition of the National to do a full review with probable edits to membershipFrame Builder Magazine and I look forward to seeing you in categories, registrations processes, etc. Be on the lookoutDes Moines. Happy New Year and stay safe and stay warm.for a few changes that are sure to benefit our Association. Industry Promotion Committee who handles Post-Frame Advantage (formerly PFMI) is gearing up for their next committee call. They continue to focus on raising funds which are invested toward objectives that advance the post-frame industry. This will drive more business to all NFBA members. If you are willing, I encourage you to make a pledge toward this critically important campaign.8 / FRAME BUILDER -JAN2020"