b"YOUR TOOLKIT FOR BUILDING EXCELENCEOwners must also contemplate their own personal goals when planning a business exit. There is a lot to consider during the continuity planning process.lucrative selling method for construction businessare giving up some profit, having to disclose financial owners, it is quite rare. In fact, only 3% of constructioninformation to employees, and poor employee morale business ownership transfers fall into this category. Forif the transition doesn't go as planned.some reason, there aren't too many people interestedAdditionally, owners may have to put off retirement in buying a construction business who aren't alreadyfor a year or two in order to make sure the succession entrenched in the construction industry. Let's begoes smoothly. But with something as important as honest: Construction work is hard work, and notownership transfer, rushing things through really everyone wants to work hard. isn't an option. It pays to have a little patienceand Internal Sale. This is by far the most common methoda lot of planning. for selling a construction business. When executedDefine Overall Objectives and Parameterscorrectly, it can also be lucrative for owners. There are several ways to go about internal sales, includingThefirststepinplanningownershiptransferis simple direct sales and employee stock ownership plansidentifying what you, the owner, want to get out of (ESOPs). Benefits of this approach include increasedit. How much money would I like to make? How flexibility with transaction structure, and continuitylong do I want to stick around until the new owner for customers and vendors. Downsides for the ownercompletely takes over? What about the business do IFRAME BUILDER - OCT2020 / 11"