b'THE OFFICIAL NFBA MAGAZINEcontinued from page: 23missing the mark, or what you should considerguardrailsandwarninglines)maynotbe doing to improve you current approach to betterenough. The OSHA Fall Protection Standards protect your employees and comply with OSHA.for Construction and General Industry contain For builders we will look at your current traininga requirement for determining the integrity of all protocols, your fall protection program, yourwalking and working surfaces. This requirement ladder safety program, howyoucomplywith the requirements for a competent person, your heatillnessprotection LEGALLY SPEAKINGprogram, how you develop and the material covered in you Emergency Action Plan and several other areas. For our supplier members,thisyears application will address machineguarding, safetyenforcement, your training protocols, lockout/tagout,hazard communications,and several other areas. When Ireviewapplications Iammostconcerned aboutgettinguseable informationtothe applicant to help them achieveaworkable programforeachofthequestionsgraded.is clearly stated in 29 CFR 1926.s01(a)(2) and Frequently I may award 10 out of 10 points on a1910.22(b). While the language in these sections question even though the answer had one or twois not exactly the same, they each provide OSHA points missing. The bottom line is to help youwith the tools it needs require you to determine develop the best safety program possible whilethe integrity of all walking/working surfaces recognizing your efforts in safety. I hope to seebefore any of your employees steps onto them an application from every builder or supplierto do work.member of the NFBA who is interested in havingThe interesting point in construction is that the best safety program possible. the OSHA Standard requires the employer to Integrity of Walking/Working Surfaces.determine the integrity of any walking and/or Many employers in the construction industryworking surface on which its employees will believe that all they have to do is ensure theirwork to support them safely. But the second employees are provided with and are using anysentence (one which many employers miss) states: of a number of permitted types and methodsEmployees shall be allowed to work on those of fall protection whenever they are workingsurfaces only when the surfaces have the requisite on a surface with an unprotected edge whichstrength and structural integrity. This second is more than six feet above the surface below.sentence comes very close to the requirement But, providing fall protection (which includesset by Washington OSHA (WISHA) that requires the employer guarantee the integrity of any 24 / FRAME BUILDER -OCT2020'