b'THE OFFICIAL NFBA MAGAZINEcontinued from page: 25LEGALLY SPEAKINGyour responsibility as to the safety complianceshe observes. You should discuss with your of their employees is clearly spelled out. Also,OSHA counsel how far your responsibility your contract should specify meaningfulfor the safety of the subcontractors employees penalties against your subcontractor whenevershould go so your contract can be drafted your site supervisor or your safety managerappropriately. Everyones goal is to see that observesthesubcontractorsemployeesall employees work safely, but you need to ask violating an OSHA standard, their employersyourself how much of that goal you wish to safety rules or, if you require compliance withtake on as a contractual responsibility and a your safety rules, your own safety rules. Youpotential OSHA liability.In light of this new then need to be sure that your site supervisorinterest being shown by OSHA holding the is aware of his/her responsibility to take actiongeneral contractor (or any level contractor under the contract for any safety violationswho retains the services of a subcontractor) of the employees of the subcontractor he/ responsible to OSHA for the safety compliance of the subcontractors employees; you should have the attorney who you use for OSHA matters take a look at the contracts you are using now and edit them to protect you as much as possible from exposure for the safety violations of your subcontractors. You may be saying to Structural Engineering yourself that the more simple approach wouldVisit us online at www.timbertecheng.com Specializing in Structural Design of Post- Frame Buildingsbe to require your subcontractors indemnifyStructural Design of Wood, Steel, and Concrete Structuresand hold you harmless from any OSHA finesEngineer Certifications for all States assessed against your company for the safetyCAD Drafting Services Agricultural Engineering violations of the subcontractors employees,Building Code Review Agricultural Building Designbut I believe that such language would not beManure Storage System Designenforceable as against public policy. So, getTSP (Technical Service Provider) for NRCS Projectsyour contracts reviewed and edited to clearlyCAFO and NPDES Permitsset out the subcontractors responsibilities andFarmstead Expansion Planningyour responsibilities for the actions for the employees of the sub as well as the method bywhich you will enforce those responsibilities.We now offer the following services Land Development PlanningStorm Water Planning Erosion & Sediment DesignSite & Quality Assurance InspectionsAutoCAD Civil 3D Design 26 / FRAME BUILDER -OCT2020'