b'THE OFFICIAL NFBA MAGAZINEcontinued from page: 31If we stop now, it may be hard to get them back,January 2020 are not going to disappear when we as they will find other industries that will providerebound from COVID-19. Look in the rearview them with work experience. How can we continuemirror at what happened after the 2008 to 2010 to provide this valuable learning opportunity forrecession, when we failed to invest in building the young people today? Students currently signedpipeline. Take advantage of this pause before the up for work release, school-to-work, or summerrebound as a time to reevaluate and revise business intern programs may suddenly find themselvesstrategies and practices. Learn from the lessons of with ample time and schedule flexibility to work.the past and commit to new strategies to attract Reconsider rescinding offers to provide these worktalent that will position your company to thrive BUSINESS STRATEGYexperiencesinstead, view it as an investment inwhen (not if) the economy rebounds.your future talent pipeline. Abouttheauthor:LauraCataldoisaSenior Engagement. Employee engagement has becomeManager with Baker Tilly (www.bakertilly.com), a buzzword in human resources circles. Engagedspecializing in work with construction companies. employees work with passion and feel a strongShe has experience in evaluating business practices connection to their company. These employees driveandassistingwithmanagementchallengesin innovation and advance the organization, whichconstruction-related firms of all sizes. She can be is why many companies use surveys to measurereached at laura.cataldo@bakertilly.com. attributes related to engagement and culture, such as: Copyright statement I am proud to work at This article was published in the July 2020 issue of Insulation I recently received praise Outlook magazine. Copyright 2020 National Insulation Association. All rights reserved.I like the direction [company] is goingI would recommend [company] to a friendMy supervisor cares about meMany leadership articles address how important it is throughout the pandemic to preserve employee engagement and culture. Your company has likely tried to address this need to support its culture byprotectingthehealthandsafetyofyour employees and their families, regular personal outreach by managers to employees, company-wide communication, and praise for great efforts during a challenging time. These efforts boost the engagement of your employees and every future employee your company interacts with, whether through social media or direct exchange. The way your company responds during this unprecedented time is an opportunity to build engagement with both current and future employees. Be proud about your efforts and share them publicly. Non-employees will notice and look favorably on your company as a potential employer of choice.The workforce shortages we struggled with in 32 / FRAME BUILDER -OCT2020'