b'THE OFFICIAL NFBA MAGAZINEINSIDE THE FRMEDAVE UNDERWOODEach Issue of Frame Builder Magazine will feature an article by NFBA Membership Director, Morgan Arwood, giving an inside, personal look at the lives of one of the many volunteer members that dedicate their time and treasure to NFBA and the post-frame industry.BY Morgan ArwoodINSIDE THE FRAMENFBA Membership Director NFBA SAFETY COMMITTEE CHAIRNFBA REPRESENTATIVE ON ANSI A-14 COMMITTEED ave Underwood grewcontact and good friends. Dave worked in the field upinMichigansfor eight years before applying for his current position UpperPeninsulaas Safety Manager. Soon after taking over his role as in a very small town of onlySafety Manager, FBi had a serious incident. It was a 300peoplecalledGrandclose friend of mine. He fell and broke both ankles. Marais. He graduated fromI promised myself that I was not going to be in that Burt Township High School.position again. We rewrote the whole fall protection I joke that I was top fiveplan and spent much of the next couple years focused CONTACT US in my class, which soundson fall protection. FBi has great comradery and you FBI BUILDINGS INC. great,untilyoufindoutdevelop close relationships with your coworkers. 3823 W 1800 SREMINGTON, IN 47977 that my class only had sixIts more about helping people than just a job.DUNDERWOOD@FBIBUILDINGS.COMPH: (219) 261-2157 people. He played soccerDave and wife, Elisha, have two kids, Ricky Shupe and basketball in high school.and Erin Shupe, who both attend Purdue. Ricky When your town is that small there really arentis in his final year in construction management, alotofthingsforkidstodobesidessports.andErinisstudyingmathematics.Daveand After graduation, Dave had a brief stint at NorthernElisha enjoy riding their motorcycle. We cruise Michigan University but quickly realized it was notall over the place. One of our favorites is going the right time for college. He worked construction into Brown County in Southern Indiana. Its known several states eventually landing in Indiana workingforthescenicviews.Davealsoloveshunting on his cousins farm. One day I came across a helpwith their German Short Haired Pointer, Hazel. wanted ad in the newspaper for FBi Buildings. ItJusttheotherdayIwasthinkingabouthow said they were looking for a post-frame carpenter.NFBA helps post-frame contractors. One of the I did not know what post-frame was, so I thoughtadvantages is the ability to develop skills specific it meant after the frame was built. When I was onto the industry, through post-frame specific safety the phone with the guy about the job he asked, dotraining vs a generic safety management system you have any post-frame experience? and I said,that doesnt necessarily apply. OSHA has plenty Oh yeah, TONS of experience. When I showedof resources for steel erection but very little for up on the jobsite I almost left, laughed Dave.post-frame construction. NFBA helps to bridge the Dave managed to secure the job and worked undergap. Another advantage is networking. Getting to Burl Daniels who had just been awarded NFBAsshare with other post-frame safety professionals, like Foreman of the Month award. Burl is a great personKathy Rode at Greiner Buildings, provides invaluable and leader. He has since retired but we are still ininsight to many issues we face at FBi Buildings.34 / FRAME BUILDER -OCT2020'