b'THE OFFICIAL NFBA MAGAZINESEPTEMBER FOREMAN OF THE MONTHMATTHEW KENNELL, H&D QUALITY BUILDERS ROANOKE, IL Congratulations to NFBA Crew Foreman of the Month for September, Matthew Kennell of H&D Quality Builders in Roanoke, IL.Matt Kennell has been working for H&D Quality Builders full time since 1994 and worked part time from 1992-1994. He has been a pillar of this company, and our post frame offering, for almost 3 decades.: says Austin Meinhold. Matt has been our lead Crew Foreman on hundreds of projects, building everything from small sheds and garages to 20,000+ sq. ft. churches, warehouses, and horse arenas. Over the last 28 years, Matt has defined what it means to deliver a quality project at H&D Quality Builders, setting the bar for not only speed and efficiency, but for attention to detail and final fit and finishes of all aspects of a post frame building.The #1 goal at H&D Quality Builders is to deliver a project to their customers at the highest level of quality and one that they can enjoy for many years, and Matt has exemplified this throughout his tenure. We will often get customers interested in having us build their building with our assurance that Matt Kennell will be on their project whether it is a cold storage building, a mini storage building, or a home. We had one customer we built a home for ask us a few years later to 38 / FRAME BUILDER -OCT2020'