b'YOUR TOOLKIT FOR BUILDING EXCELENCEGeneration Z wants to know that brands financially support the same causes they do. They love to know that their purchases are making a real difference.ThenextgroupiscurrentlythelargestBoomers of the same age?generationintheworkforce.Millennials Baby Boomers50%(or Generation Y), for the most part, want Millennials12%to participate on a variety of substantial, important projects, which will allow themWhat percent of Millennials expect to stay on to learn and use new skills, especially theirthe job for less than three years?technical skills. 91% - which will translate into 15 to 20 jobs Millennials desire work that is personallyover their working livesrewarding. Because, unlike Baby BoomersWhere do Millennials want to live?who live to work, Millennials only work to 41% say in or near the citieslive. They believe in Y.O.L.O.you only live once - so you need to experience all that lifeGeneration Zborn between 1996 and the has to offer, especially outside the job. presentThis generation likely wants a boss who is moreIt would be a mistake to think of this most like a coach or mentor; they dislike bosses whorecent generation as simply mini-Millennials, are formal or hierarchical. since they have characteristics that are uniquely Some interesting facts about Millennialstheir own.What percent of todays adults are currentlyGen Z is the most ethnically diverse generation. married with children compared to BabyNearly half of Americas youth will belong to a minority race or ethnic group. They tend to continued on page: 46 FRAME BUILDER - OCT2020 / 45'