b'THE OFFICIAL NFBA MAGAZINEcontinued from page: 45notice diversity only when it is lacking. are looking to get enough experience to beef up a Generation Z accounts for 40% of all consumers. resume and then move on, 75% of Generation Z would rather stay at the same company, but have Millennials are spenders, whereas Generation Z aredifferent roles; perhaps serving stints in marketing, much more cost-conscious. In fact, many of thisthen accounting, then HR. generation prefers to shop in stores. They like toDo you realize that 44% of recent college grads feel and see products in person. They want to makeare employed in jobs that dont require a college BUSINESS STRATEGEYsure that theyre buying something high-quality. degree? 75% of Generation Z say there are other When Millennials were in middle and high school,ways of getting a good education, rather than going brand names were all the rage (think Abercrombieto college, getting a degree and, with it, a boat-load & Fitch); Generation Z worries more about theof debt.economy and world ecology.According to Adecco, their number one aspiration When it comes being online, Millennials were bornaftercollegeisnottofindtheidealjob,asa into the Internet; Generation Z has mastered theMillennial might typically say, but instead to simply Internet. In fact, 40% of Generation Z said thatbe financially stable.working Wi-Fi is more important than operationalMillennials are collaborative; Generation Z is bathrooms because teenagers spend an averagecompetitive. They saw their parents struggle through of nine hours a day on social media. (Does yourthe recent recession enough to realize that in real life business have a social media presence to reach your(unlike what many Millennials might have been led next generation of customers?) to believe growing up), not everybody gets a trophy. Generation Z multitasks on five screens, not just oneAs a result, 77% of Generation Z expects that they or two. As a result, Gen Zers have an attention spanwill need to work harder to achieve success than of about seven seconds. They experience F.O.M.O.,any previous generation. which is a Fear Of Missing Out. As members begin to leave their homes and again Nine out of ten teenagers watch YouTube daily,attend conferences, they are eager to interact with and almost half cant live without it. In fact, onetheir fellow members. Ted Janusz facilitates a of my attendees is a teacher. She told me that herdifferent kind of opening session, Creating Strategic students dont watch broadcast TV. No, they haveRelationships: Here and Now. Rather than just sit influencers on YouTube that they follow. Everyand listen to a speech by a speaker, participants Thursday evening at 7:30, for instance, a particularbegin the networking they can continue through the social media celebrity will release a new episode.rest of the conference. ted@januspresentations.com And theyll be there to watch it.Generation Z wants to know that brands financially support the same causes they do. They love to know that their purchases are making a real difference. And if Gen Zers can help produce or create the marketing message, they will be more responsive to it.When it comes to a career, 60% of Generation Z want their jobs to impact the world. Whereas Millennials 46 / FRAME BUILDER -OCT2020'