b"THE OFFICIAL NFBA MAGAZINEA MESSAGE FROMM AT T G R E I N E R PRESIDENT, NFBA BOARD OF DIRECTORST his year continues to be a gauntlet of challenges.PRESIDENT'S MESSAGESince our last issue, we have seen a derecho tearthroughtheMidwestandhurricanes rip up the Southeast. We continue to experience shortages of lumber and other materials. Lead times and prices are going up in all areas of the country. Wasps are out in full numbers and seem to be in a particularly foul mood. We are also right in the thick of a Presidential election. All of this has been placed right on top of an already large pile of things to deal with. What can you do? We ask ourselves and each other this question nearly every day. There is no simple answer for this, but if you are reading this magazine, it tells me that you are one of many who have made the decision to get up each morning, continue toabout those in your company who helped implement live an engaged life, and stay on course by doingthese new systems. Did they surprise you? Did they the best that you can do. That kind of approach isdisappoint you? What does this tell you about who really the best response anyone can have these days.your key people are? Even though it may not seem I have found that not all of these challenges have comelike a good time to rock the boat, now is a great time to without reward. When we are faced with not beingmake changes that you may have been considering for able to operate the same way that we are accustom to,a while. We have all had to adapt, and now we know we are pressed to be creative. We realize solutions andwe can do it. Take advantage of this time to take a step options that would not have been explored if it werentback and re-examine your operation or your position for these uninvited disasters. Individuals are given awithin the company. Make sure you are working with chance to shine when they are called upon to serveyour team efficiently and communicating effectively. If functions that they were not previously obligated toyou find that changes are in order, start slow and start handle. Partnerships and relationships are formed insmall. Even little differences can result in huge gains. new ways out of necessity that could serve for a lifetime.Iwishallthebesttoyou,yourteam,andtheir My goal here is to take a moment to say, Yes, thesefamilies. Continue to maintain your resolve, stay safe, are crazy times for all of us, with the caveat of, butand stay healthy. Remember that you have NFBA let us see what we can make out of this. This week Ibehind you to help as well. Please contact our full-want you to think of three things that your companytime staff if you have any needs that arise within your does differently now than they ever have becausebusiness. They are another resource for all Members circumstances have forced you to adapt. Determineto utilize as we continue to run the 2020 gauntlet.if these things would continue to serve your business even if you were no longer forced to continue that way. If they are better than before, what can you do to make their implementation permanent and run even smoother? Now take it a step further and think 8 / FRAME BUILDER -OCT2020"